Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Turtlehead Peak

Turtlehead Peak is one of the most popular hiking spots in Southern Nevada due to it’s close proximity to Las Vegas. The peak features sweeping views of Las Vegas, the La Madre Mountain Range, Red Rock Canyon and Blue Diamond Hill.

Calico Tank Peak

The trail is highly scenic and the peak features sweeping views of Calico Basin and the Las Vegas Valley. Calico Tank Peak is the second-highest peak of the Calico Hills and is located directly above and north-east of Calico Tank.

Juniper Canyon

Juniper Canyon is the first canyon east of Pine Creek and can be reached by the Arnight Trail. Most of the hike is bouldering & scrambling through a magnificent canyon with striking views of Rainbow Wall and Brownstone Wall.

La Madre Miner’s Cabin

La Madre miner’s cabin trail is a nice, but dificult hike to the cabin and mine. The trail passes through the La Madre Springs which run year round and provides a habitat for marsh vegetation and water for the animals of Red Rock Canyon.

White Rock Springs Peak

This hike is an enjoyable test of bouldering on big tasty rocks, all the way up. White Rock Spring Peak is the Peak north of White Rock Peak in the La Madre Mountain Wilderness Area next to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Fern Canyon

If you enjoy bouldering this is a highly recommend spot. Follow the stream up the canyon and enjoy the many pools, ferns, and lush vegetation that grow here under a canopy of trees. Fern Canyon is an enjoyable hike shadowed by majestic cliffs on both sides.

Red Cap Peak

Red Cap Mountain is composed of white sandstone with a summit of red sandstone, or a red cap. Red Cap Peak, which is also called Little Turtlehead Peak or Turtlehead Junior is the highest spot in the Calico Hills.

Guardian Angel Loop

Guardian Angel Loop is a scramble up and over a deep-red sandstone slot canyon separating Calico Basin from Red Rock Canyon, the trail then loops around Calico Hills and back to Calico Basin. Touch the guardian angel and it will bring you good luck.

White Rock Loop

Willow Springs the trail runs north of White Rock Mountain and White Rock Springs peak in the La Madre Mountain Wilderness Area before looping back in Red Rock Canyon. The east side is mostly desert and the west side is a forest of juniper and pine.

Ice Box Canyon

Ice Box Canyon rarely gets full sun, resulting in perennially cool conditions, hence the name. Seasonal streams form the waterfall create pools that remain into the summer, helping to sustain a variety of trees, bushes, yucca and cactus.

Calico Hills

Calico Hills are among the most colorful and interesting geological features in Red Rock Canyon. These brilliantly colored hills began as red sand dunes over 180M years ago, the remains of a dune field thought one of the largest to ever form on earth.

First Creek Canyon

Across a desert valley and up the creek through a deep canyon surrounded by steep towering red-and-white sandstone cliffs. Hiking then bouldering mixed with bushwhacking makes this a good workout.

Oak Creek Canyon

The trail is cross-country to the mouth of the canyon and then bouldering up a narrow canyon filled with huge sandstone boulders that slices into the red rock cliffs of Mount Wilson.

Scenic Loop North

Grand Circle Loop Trail starts at the Red Rock Canyon visitor and runs along the base of the beautiful Calico Hills. I cut off and came down the Red Rock wash on this hike before returning to point a.

Spring Mountain Ranch

Spring Mountain Ranch sits below the rainbow-colored cliffs of Red Rock Canyon. Established in the mid-1830s along a spring-fed creek and grassy meadows that formed an oasis for travelers using the alternate route of the Spanish Trail through Cottonwood Valley.

La Madre Springs

The spring which runs year round provide a habitat for marsh vegetation and a critical water source for wildlife, and create a unique microhabitat for tree frogs, hummingbirds and a variety of plants that can survive nowhere else in this desert.

Red Rock Canyon Photo Gallery

Over one million people a year come to experience Red Rock Canyon’s desert beauty and towering sandstone cliffs. Scramble the fossilized sand dunes, climb sheer rock walls or join the rock climbers who dot the cliffs in this world-class climbing area.