Potosi Mountain

Potosi Mountain Towers, NV.

Posted Shon Fredrickson Southern Nevada, Spring Mountains
Potosi Mountain - East FacePotosi Mountain - East FacePotosi Mountain - Looking South at CA.
Potosi Mountain - Looking South at CA.Potosi Mountain - Looking at the towersPotosi Mountain - Looking South
Potosi Mountain - Looking at peakPotosi Mountain - Looking SouthPotosi Mountain - Tower
Potosi Mountain - Looking at Las VegasPotosi Mountain - Mojave Kingcup CactusPotosi Mountain - Palmer's Penstemon
Potosi Mountain - Palmer's Penstemon Potosi Mountain - Stansbury CliffrosePotosi Mountain - Wild Horses

shon fredrickson

Potosi Mountain is the limestone giant of the southern Spring Mountains. The service road rout is located near Goodsprings, NV. This rout climbs 1900 feet in just the first 1.75 ‘kick ass’ miles – with great views into California, as well as Charleston Peak and Vegas from the top. 90° in Vegas today, cool on the Mountain.

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