Guardian Angel Loop

Guardian Angel Loop trail starts at the Red Spring picnic area in Calico Basin.

Guardian Angel Loop is a scramble up and over a deep-red sandstone slot canyon separating Calico Basin from Red Rock Canyon, the trail then loops around Calico Hills and back to Calico Basin. The views from the top of the slot are very nice and include Calico Basin, Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon. Be sure to touch the guardian angel carved into the sandstone on the way down and it will bring you good luck.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: Over one million people each year come to experience Red Rock Canyon’s 195,819 acres of desert beauty, towering sandstone cliffs and abundant wildlife. Scramble across fossilized sand dunes, climb sheer rock walls, or just enjoy the scenic beauty along the road. Rock climbers always dot the cliffs in this world-class climbing area.

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