Desert Wildflowers

Southern Nevada’s Mojave Desert is a diversified island of native plant life wich brings color to the beautiful desert landscape. In the spring, the desert around Las Vegas erupts with a riot of colors during the wildflower bloom.

If you’re driving into Las Vegas in the spring you can see patches of yellow, purple, and white flowers adorning the desert. This is the time to get out of the car and see the desert in bloom. Many of these flowers are tiny, and unless you’re observant, you can miss them. If you’re on the hunt for desert wildflowers around Las Vegas, try the areas in and around Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead and Valley of Fire.

Wildflower blooms are generally visible from March to April.

This is a collection of various wildflowers from my hiking trips around Las Vegas including Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Rainbow Mountain Wilderness Area, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, La Madre Mountain Wilderness Area, Calico Basin, Cottonwood Valley and Blue Diamond Hill.

Identification Resources: Bird And Hike | NPS’s wildflowers of Lake Mead | SummitPost | SummitPost

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