Dead Horse Loop

Dead Horse Loop, NV.

Posted Shon Fredrickson Cottonwood Valley, Southern Nevada
Birdspring MountainsBirdspring MountainsDead Horse Loop
Dead Horse LoopDead Horse LoopDead Horse Loop
Dead Horse LoopDead Horse LoopCottonwood Valley Road
Mount PotosiMount PotosiMount Potosi

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Dead Horse Loop is 13 miles of singletrack mountain bike trail which is part of the Blue Diamond bike trail system, it is located south of highway 160. The trails are marked well at the intersection of Badger Pass and Dead Horse Loop. The loop has great views of Mount Potosi, Cottonwood Valley and Red Rock Canyon.

The Cottonwood Valley area of Red Rock Canyon is located south of Blue Diamond City. There are over 125 miles of interconnecting single-track trails. The trails are well-marked and maps can be found at strategic locations. Mountain biking is only allowed in the Cottonwood Valley area of Red Rock Canyon.

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