Calico Basin

Gray Cap Peak

Gray Cap Peak is located in the La Madre Mountain Wilderness Area which cover 47,180 acres. Gray Cap mountain gets its name from a small cap of gray limestone that sits on top of red and white sandstone. 5,425 feet.

New Peak ‘El Hijo’

New Peak is located in the La Madre Mountain Wilderness Area and is one of several minor summits in the Calico Basin section of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. New Peak sits west of Kraft Mountain.

Kraft Mountain

Candy striped boulders, pink dots, red boulders, cliffs and great views of Calico Basin, Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon. I took the the far East gully on the South side of Kraft Mountain then worked my way over to the West peak.

Guardian Angel Loop

Guardian Angel Loop is a scramble up and over a deep-red sandstone slot canyon separating Calico Basin from Red Rock Canyon, the trail then loops around Calico Hills and back to Calico Basin.

Gateway Canyon

Gateway Canyon Loop also called Kraft Mountain Loop winds around Kraft Mountain through red and white sandstone and rocks that have striped & spotted patterns.

Ash Canyon

Ash Canyon is a nice hike that has some good scrambling and a lot tasty of sandstone. The loop goes up Ash Canyon and connects to Gateway Canyon via a wash that runs north to Gateway Canyon and east behind New Peak and Kraft Mountain.