Blue Diamond Hill


The trail starts off south right next to Blue Diamond Road and ventures through the Rock Gardens ‘near the old mine road’. I went up Bunny to Cat-N-Hat to the Outer Loop, then back down Kibbles-n-Bits. There were a lot of Mountain Bikers on this trail.


Cat In The Hat trail is a nice uphill trail starts off running parallel to the Fossil Ridge Trail on the Bunny Trail before working its way up to the KIBBLES-N-BITS trail at the top of Fossil Canyon.

Old Las Vegas Overlook

Went up the Bone Shaker mountain bike trail to the Las Vegas Overlook ‘passed three people on horseback’ then along the ridge to the Old Las Vegas Overlook. Returned down Skull canyon which is the common route to the Old Las Vegas Overlook.

Las Vegas Overlook

To The Top Trail trail runs up Fossil Ridge above Fossil Canyon and continues to the Las Vegas Overlook. Mountain Bikers call To The Top Trail Sars ‘to the big bend’ and Radio Tower Trail to the top. This is my favorite hike on Blue Diamond Hill.

Skull Canyon

Skull canyon trail splits off the trail to the Muffins and goes up Skull Canyon to the Old Las Vegas Overlook. This is a very nice hike and tends to be more shaded in the summer. This trail is also called Bob Gnarly Trail by Mountain Bikers.

Bone Shaker

Bone Shaker Trail has a lot of serious grades, solid rocks, extremely rocky terrain and sweet panoramic views.

Gun Range Ridge Loop

Gun Range Ridge Loop is on the north side of Blue Diamond Hill ‘off Moenkopi Road’ and is located next to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This is a nice flat trail across the desert

The Muffins

The Muffins Trail is a very popular hiking spot which starts just passed the corrals and crosses the desert before it climbs a nice limestone ridge. This is a very nice hike which the Mountain Bikers call Bomb Voyage Trail.

Blue Diamond Hill Photo Gallery

Sitting across the street from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area, Blue Diamond Hill offers secluded hiking trails and incredible high desert singletrack for mountain bikers, horseback riding and good trails for dogs.