Blue Diamond Hill

Blue Diamond Hill, NV.

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Blue Diamon Hill Cowboy Trail Rides Jackson the Burrow
Blue Diamond Hill Grizzly Bear Cactus Blue Diamond Hill Beavertail Cactus Skull Canyon - Phasianidae
To The Top Trail To The Top Trail - Mine Blue Diamond Hill Overlook View Of Las Vegas
Blue Diamond Hill Muffins - Looking At Summerlin Blue Diamond Hill Muffins - Looking At Las Vegas Old Las Vegas Overlook Looknig At Las Vegas
Blue Diamond Hill - Skull Canyon Blue Diamond Hill - North West Ridge North West Ridge looking At Calico Basin
Skull Canyon Skull Canyon Skull Canyon - Looking At Red Rock Canyon
Fossil Ridge - Looking South Blue Diamond Hill - Fossil Ridge Blue Diamond Hill
Bone Shaker Blue Diamond Hill Radio Tower Muffins and Skull Canyon

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Sitting across the street from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area, Blue Diamond Hill offers secluded hiking trails and incredible high desert singletrack for mountain bikers, horseback riding and good trails for dogs. Blue Diamond Hill provides great panoramic views of Red Rock Canyon to the west, the La Madre Mountain Range to the north and Las Vegas to the east. 3,680 feet.

Points of interest Las Vegas Overlook Old Las Vegas Overlook The Muffins

Common plants and animals on Blue Diamond Hill include: Joshua tree, yucca, barrel cactus, cholla, pricklypear, rabbits, lizards and an occasional rattlesnake.

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